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The Soteria Group is committed to providing the highest quality training. Through rigorous research and development, The Soteria Group strives to stay up-to-date with the latest advances in the field. Stay up to date with leaders in the industry to learn how we continue to develop and expand our services for our clients. We are involved with new and exciting technology and embed ourself into research projects to continually develop ourselves so that we can offer the best services possible. 

Dr Richard Harris 

An amazing and truley inspirational talk by Dr Richard Harris about his experience during the Thai Cave rescues. Click the button below to watch his talk at the 2019 Investigator Lecture.


RescueFit VLE

The Soteria Group has been looking at the new RescueFit VLE technology to enhance our training for participants. Let us know how you could use this in your field

RescueFit VLE Solutions has a unique ability to create digital content for training, knowledge expansion and demonstration. Designed to be user friendly, every experience can be branded in organisation colours and logos to fulfil training objectives that people actually want to complete with VR & AR in mind. The link below when copied takes you to a demo of the technology;

Click the button below to go to the RescueFit site and see all they have to offer


The Soteria Group has been asked to provide feedback on the SmartStretcher. Have you used it and can comment on the effectiveness? Let us know.

The SmartStretcher was developed in conjunction with Lancaster University and leading medical professionals. SmartStretcher is now in NHS operational use with evaluation feedback from both Patient User Groups and carers being consistently highly positive, with more than one patient commenting they felt safe and comfortable seated in it. Quick and simple to use with no specialist knowledge required, SmartStretcher minimises the challenges of all of the above improving transfer time, therefore recovery time and thus costs to the NHS. Minimising transfer movement increase patient safety, care and comfort and reduces stress for both end-user and carer. Reduced timescales make for increased safety adding to savings in costs... SmartStretcher is quick and simple to use and has been proven to be easily integrated into existing operational protocols. Full ongoing support to users as well as access to initial and ongoing training is available.

Exercise 240421 Image 1.jpg


Despite all the improvements that we have seen in trauma care over the past 20 or more years, RTCs are still, sadly a really common cause of both death and disability, with the number of deaths annually in the UK sitting somewhere between 1500-1900 per annum.


Two PJs from the 212th RQS on their State wide alert jumped from a  C-130 to a hunter who was mauled by a grizzly bear and severely injured.  

Care under fire was translated to risk of further bear attack, then prolonged TACEVAC to a hospital.  Hear about the unique issues of this mission and translating MARCH PAWS to a civil SAR for a severely injured patient.



WEM is committed to ensuring extreme medicine education can reach all medical, healthcare and supporting professionals working in austere environments. With regular updates, the team brings you the latest from across the broad spectrum of extreme medicine disciplines, including expedition, space, remote, pre-hospital and humanitarian medicine as well as a range of topics across performance and non-technical skills. Enhance your ability to tackle challenges with new skills you can take home or out into the field. Push the boundaries of your medical career!

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