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The Soteria Group has over 70 years combined experience at operational, strategic and tactical level that encompasses every modern major international natural disaster, large scale rescue operations and an increasing amount of military operations since 1989.
We train and operate to the highest level of current guidelines whilst also pushing boundaries and challenging what we believe to be possible. Rescue and casualty treatment procedures are continually updating and expanding and we pride ourselves in leading from the forefront of innovation. 

We offer cost effective, future proof solutions.

The faculty are fully qualified, security cleared, adaptable and operationally current in all national components and aspects and can provide support, training and consultancy in all of the below: 


⁃ Water and flood incident management

⁃ Powerboat support and rescue

- Risk assessment/health and safety 


⁃ Chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear incidents

⁃ Heavy rescue 

⁃ Vehicle incident management and extrication

⁃ Electric vehicle incident management

⁃ Drone support and operations

⁃ Major Incident command, planning and strategy

⁃ National Interoperability Liaison Officer (NILO)

⁃ Rope rescue and support and safe working at height 



⁃ Confined space support and rescue


⁃ Tactical medicine 

⁃ Prehospital advance medicine

- K9 and animal first aid

⁃ Security

⁃ Remote and prolonged field care medicine

- On location medical cover 

- Hostile environment training 

- Specialist medical leadership/planning/assessment/equipment support 

- Technology, equipment and PPE assessment, design and support  


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